Terms of Hire

Terms and Conditions of Hire of Photobooth

Love 2 Pose Photobooths is a trading name and wholly owned subsidiary of Production Partners Ltd the “The Supplier”
Person making the booking is the “Hirer”
It is a condition of booking that the Hirer agrees to be bound and to adhere to these terms and conditions.
1. General: The terms and conditions set out below shall be the basis of all contracts of Love 2pose Photobooths which shall be finalised by a Hire Agreement.
2. Our terms are the basis of an agreement between the supplier and the hirer for the hire of our Photobooth. This written booking form sets forth the full intention of both parties and supersedes all other written and/or oral agreements between the parties.
3. Payment & Booking
3.1 On completion and submission of our Booking Form and receipt of your booking non- refundable booking fee of £100, a provisional booking is made.
3.2 The confirmed booking and Photobooth attendance as set forth in the booking form and are subject to the terms laid out here is not complete and the provisional booking revoked if final payment is not made by the due date.
4. Cancelation
Your £100 booking fee is non-refundable in any circumstances, cancelation may be subject to further charges as set out below:
4.1 Cancellation up to 45 days prior to the event a full refund will be given excluding the £100 non-refundable booking fee.
4.2 Cancellation between 44 days and 30 days before the event a refund of 50% of the fees paid will be refunded excluding the £100 non-refundable booking fee.
4.3 Cancellation within 29 days of the event no all money paid will be forfeit no refund will be considered, unless there are extenuating circumstances
4.4 If cancelation is due to extenuating circumstances, subject and at the discretion of the supplier an alternative date or credit may be offered. No monetary refund will be offered as an alternative.

5. Access and Power

The hirer is responsible is responsible for us gaining access to the site and that permission to use a Photobooth has been granted.

The hirer is further responsible for ensuring there is sufficient space for the Photobooth to fit in the venue.

NOTE: Our booths are Height: 2.0m Width: 1.3m, Depth: 2.3m, always check with your venue that they have the space and they allow Photo-booths.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring a 13 amp power supply is available for Photobooth use.

5. Operational Period

The supplier will have the Photobooth operational for 80 per cent of the agreed hire period, to allow for maintenance, any downtime created by routine maintenance, media changes, technical issues, will be added to the hire period at the end of the session, if practicable. In any event the “supplier” liability is limited to the hire fee or part thereof set out in these terms and conditions of hire.

6. Attendance
The supplier will make all reasonable endeavours to attend your event however in the circumstances where we are unable to attend we cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event, this may include but are not limited to severe weather conditions, traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicles, sickness or equipment failure.


In a case where we may not be in position to attend as stated in (6) above we will contact the hirer or venue as soon as practicable.
The full fee will be refunded accordingly, in any event the “supplier” liability is limited to the hire fee or part thereof set out in these terms and conditions of hire. No other liability is expressed or accepted.

In the event, no service can be provided, the supplier cannot be help responsible for any consequential loses or damages arriving from this fact.

8. Equipment failure.

The supplier does and will make reasonable endeavours to mitigate any equipment failure,
and will have some spares and back up equipment, touch screen and printers are excluded.

The supplier cannot be held liable in the event a major component failure prevents the Photobooth from operating. In the event of a printer failure, we will encourage guests to continue using the Photobooth and to write in the album this will be printed later along with a full set of prints taken at the event and forwarded at our expense. The images will also be published to our on-line gallery for guests to download.

9. Personal Liability (users)
No liability is accepted or expressed for loss or damage or injury to users or their property, personal injury or death of any participants however caused, when taking part in the Photobooth, unless proven negligence on the part of Love2pose Photobooth.
10.Damage to Equipment and Safety of Staff, Termination of Hire
Whilst we encourage fun use of the Photobooth, we expect the equipment to be treated with respect, if issues arise where there is potential for damage to our equipment, we will close the Photobooth until it can be safely restarted. We will not accept any threatening behaviour; or rudeness to our staff, if this occurs the hire will be terminated in this instance the hire fee remains payable in full.
If the attendant feels due to excess alcohol someone is unfit to use the booth we reserve the right to refuse them access to the booth.

11. Damage or Loss to the Suppliers Equipment
The hirer accepts that they are liable for any damage to the supplier equipment and they will indemnify the supplier for any damage or loss to the supplier Equipment caused by:
a) Any misuse of the Supplier Equipment by Hirers or its guests (invited or uninvited),
b) Any theft or disaster (including but not limited to fire, flood or earthquake).
The hirer accepts that they will not be reimbursed for rental time lost due to wilful or accidental damages to equipment by the hirer or guests.
12 Copyright and Use of images
The Hirer agrees to, and understands the following:
The Supplier holds copyright to all images taken and is free to use images for promotional marketing material, social media in digital and print form. Please advise us in writing if you wish images were not used.
12. 1 The Hirer will indemnify the Supplier against all liability related to the Hirers Event and use of the Suppliers equipment.
12.2 The Hirer will indemnify the Supplier against all liability associated with the use of any images taken at the Hirers event by Love2Pose Photobooth, equipment or by its operatives, employees or affiliates.

12.3 In addition the Hirer, hereby releases, discharges and agrees to maintain free from any liability arising out of the taking of said picture or any subsequent processing or publication thereof including
13. Other Terms and Restrictions.
These terms are applicable to English Law, If any provision of these terms shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable under contract law, then that provision, or portion thereof, shall be deemed separate from the rest of this contract and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions, or portions thereof.
If no service is received, the Supplier maximum liability will be the return of all payments received from the Hirer. The Supplier is not responsible for any consequential damages or lost opportunities upon breach of this agreement.